Erroll G. Williams to be sworn-in to fourth term as Orleans’ First Single Assessor December 31, 2022

Orleans Assessor Erroll G. Williams will take his fourth oath of office as the city’s single Assessor on December 31, 2022 – a position he was re-elected to with nearly 70 percent of the November 13, 2021 vote – at the Dillard University Professional Schools and Sciences Building.

Assessor Williams said he remains committed to ensuring a citywide assessment process that is both fair and equitable to the property owners of Orleans. He will continue to work toward the consistent valuation of properties by re-evaluating current assessment practices and leveraging modern data-collection efforts. He also will continue to fairly assess property, upgrade technology and improve public service with expanded web and internet-based services.

As Orleans Parish Assessor, Williams oversees one of the state’s largest assessment rolls, valued at $8.1 billion, including 167,500 parcels and 10,000 businesses.

On November 7, 2006 Louisiana voters passed a measure (RS 47: 1901, Paragraph B) that reduced the number of Assessors in Orleans Parish from seven to one. All other parishes in Louisiana have only one Assessor.

Assessor Williams previously served 26 years as the Third Municipal District’s Assessor before getting elected to the single Assessor position in 2011. Assessor Williams’ Third Municipal District was the largest of seven within the City of New Orleans.

He is a Certified Licensed Appraiser and holds a Louisiana Real Estate License. In addition to his years of experience as a municipal and parish Assessor, Williams held various executive offices within the City of New Orleans, including Chief Administrative Officer (1984-85) and Director of Finance (1978-84). His esteemed career also includes time with Alexander Grant & Co. Certified Public Accountants (1975-78) and as an Internal Auditor with Goldman Sachs, & Co., Investment Bankers (1971-73).

Assessor Williams is a graduate of Joseph S. Clark Senior High School. Williams received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Accounting from Dillard University. His post-graduate studies include a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Tulane University in Accounting and Finance.

Williams is the son of Lucille Williams. He has been married 50 years to Cynthia Rich Williams. He has two daughters, Erica Williams and Enjoli Williams Nelson; and a son-in-law Lawrence J. Nelson, Jr.