First Responders May Now Apply for Additional Property Tax Exemption in Orleans Parish

The Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office is encouraging first responders who own and occupy their home and work for a public agency in Orleans Parish to apply for a new property tax exemption, announced Orleans Assessor Erroll G. Williams.

This new tax benefit for qualified first responders creates an additional ad valorem tax exemption of $2,500 off the assessed value of properties owned and occupied by first responders in Orleans Parish. This is in addition to the Homestead Exemption which exempts the first $7,500 of the property’s taxable assessment, for a total tax benefit of $10,000 off the taxable assessment.

To qualify, a first responder must be a full-time public employee whose duties include responding rapidly to emergencies and who resides in the same parish as their employer. The following positions are eligible for this exemption:

  • Peace Officers: This includes sheriffs, police officers, and other deputized individuals as defined in La. R.S. 40:2402.
  • Fire Protection Personnel
  • Certified Emergency Medical Services Personnel
  • Emergency Response Operators and Dispatchers: Those who provide communication support in emergencies.

This tax benefit is provided by Act 179, a Constitutional Amendment passed during the 2023 legislative session and ratified by Louisiana voters on November 18, 2023. The law requires local governments to “opt in” to provide this benefit in their jurisdiction, which the New Orleans City Council did earlier last month.

As required by law, the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office has developed an annual application process to administer this benefit. First responders must submit an application for the exemption along with an employment verification letter on the official letterhead of the public agency they are employed by and provide a valid driver’s license or state ID.

The applications are available on the Forms page at

Completed applications with supporting documentation can be:

  • Dropped off at our City Hall Office, 1300 Perdido Street, Room 4E01
  • Dropped off at our Algiers Courthouse Office, 225 Morgan Street
  • Mailed to Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office, P.O. Box 53406, New Orleans, LA 70153 · Emailed to [email protected]


Important Dates and Additional Information

  • Application Deadline: All applications and supporting documents must be received by the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office no later than August 15, 2024.
  • Annual Reapplication: By law, first responders must reapply each year to continue receiving this benefit.
  • More Information: For additional details, visit


Public agencies employing first responders are encouraged to assist their qualifying employees in taking advantage of this benefit and to be prepared to handle requests for employment verification, said Assessor Williams.