In an effort to provide property owners easier access to and more efficient service from our office, the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office accepts certain forms online.

Submitting forms online requires the same information and documentation as filing in person but provides these added benefits:

  • Real-time appeal status. The property owner can see the up-to-date status of his or her submission at any time of day or night. If there is more than one form being submitted, the filer can easily see status details from one screen.
  • Communicate with the Assessor’s office on your schedule. The filer can ask questions and provide additional information to the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office on his or her schedule. The filer must upload any required supporting files.
  • Safety and security. All communications are strictly confidential and secure. The Resolution Center is accessible from any computer or mobile device, with the filer’s unique username and password.

The links below will only be active within the period the forms below are accepted.

Online Appeal of Taxation Valuation
(online submissions will be available from July 22, 2024 until August 20, 2024 at p.m.)

LAT 5 Business Personal Property Self Reporting Form
(online submissions are not being accepted at this time.)