Fraud & Abuse

When a property owner receives a Homestead Exemption for which they are not entitled, it is deemed to be non-compliant and an abuse of the law.

If you know of a property in Orleans Parish currently receiving a tax reduction from an exemption which you believe it should not be receiving, we urge you to report the abuse by calling our Exemption Fraud Hotline at 504.754.8929.

When you call, please leave us a message with the following information, if known:

  • The address of the property in question.
  • Whether the property is occupied or vacant.
  • Whether the property is a short term rental.
  • Name of person(s) occupying the property.
  • The length of time since the owner has lived at the property.
  • The address where you believe the owner may now be living.


To report governmental fraud, theft, abuse or misappropriation of public funds, and sexual harassments, please contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor at 1-844-50-FRAUD (1-844-503-7283) or visit